Madeira decides this week whether or not to keep the Flower Festival in May

The Flower Festival is scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 23, and one of the attractions is the great allegorical procession scheduled for May 2. However, in view of the pandemic situation, the delay in vaccination in several countries and the restrictions on travel in the sending markets, Madeira is studying whether or not to continue the procession on 2 May, which may have effects on this tourist event.

This was revealed this afternoon by the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, on the sidelines of the presentation of catalogs 5, 6, 7 and 8 from the Madeira – Photographic Memories collection, which took place at the Center for the Study of Atlantic History – Alberto Vieira, in Funchal.

“We are currently analyzing this circumstance, taking into account all these limitations, what seems to us most important has to do with the vaccination processes. This delay that occurs in a generalized way in Europe and also mainland Portugal, and to seek information from there for a decision on this achievement on that date or not, “said Eduardo Jesus.

“At the moment it is open, but it is under study, it is on the table for us to make a decision very soon,” he said.

And he added that he was in meetings this morning about the same process, to be able to conclude and make a decision later this week.

Resume will be possible in the second half
Regarding the perspectives of Tourism, Eduardo Jesus says that the Government points out that the tourism recovery will take place in the second half of this year, “there are some signs of the possibility of starting a little earlier, but all depending on the pandemic evolution “.

Remember that the German market is still very resistant to travel according to the guidelines of the German government itself not to recommend trips abroad in the summer of 2021. “So there are a number of constraints that lead us to always have a lot of reserve in what is to envision the future “, he says.

Although the signs brought to us, above all, by the vaccination campaigns that are taking place, both in the issuing markets and in the Portuguese market, lead us to believe that it will be possible in the second half of this year, with no extraordinary events above. of this perfectly abnormal circumstance, this relaunch will be possible and it is still with these data that we are working.

From Diário Notícias

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