PSP warns of ‘fake doctors’ scamming in Madeira

The Public Security Police warns the Madeirans to be on the lookout for scams at this time of pandemic.

According to the PSP, “there may be cases of attempted scams by individuals who are generally well dressed and sometimes call themselves doctors or state officials responsible for surveying the population with a view to drawing up lists for the administration of the vaccine COVID-19” .

Individuals “go so far as ask for money for the vaccine and will even be able to simulate diagnoses of other diseases in order to make it possible to extort other monetary amounts”.

For this reason, the Command advises citizens not to provide any amount of money but to contact the PSP in their area, or even via 112, in order to enable the Security Forces to act quickly in order to intercept, proceeding to criminal identification and accountability .

From Diário Notícias