Website Update

As the attacks continue I am unable to remove the Security Captcha screen at the moment. It seems all your comments are fine and people can read and reply to them. I can see all comments and reply to them, not through the normal way, but I can through my dashboard, so that seems good.

Is anyone having problems with the Comments? Or anything else??? I have a few problems my side, but I do not think it affects readers.

The other blog was down for most of the day yesterday, while I can still post things are not like they were and with the Captcha Google is unable to search my blog, I don’t really know how this will affect it in the long term.

I pray things get back to some kind of normal very soon fingers crossed.

I just want to thank once again for all the support you have shown through the Go Fund Me Page that Gill set up, which was one of the nices things for someone to do.

It will help with the developer costs, and anything else I might have to pay out for to keep the site online, plus with the site at the moment in the situation it is in, I am hardly generating any income at all which will no doubt affect me in the coming few months if things are not resolved soon.

I don’t want to give up, and I want to keep fighting, plus I enjoy helping all that live and visit the island, but this latest attack has really drained me especially with all the chat, messages, etc to Security and my hosting, as so much of it I don’t understand, but I will keep going , and won’t let this bastard win, We have a very good Idea who this could be, and more will be done if the attacks do not stop.