TaxisRam “super happy” with Health decision

“We were very happy with this decision, but it was our request, sent two weeks ago, through a letter expressing this desire”. That is how Paulo Pereira, president of TáxisRAM applauds the “favorable opinion” of the Health Ministry so that taxi professionals in the Region are vaccinated, but … “in the near future”. A detail that can affect the speed of the vaccination process.

The director’s appeal, he guarantees, was made during a “hearing with the regional secretary of the Economy”, when the governor and the directors of this association met.

On the occasion, Paulo Pereira expressed the wish that there should be an attention to the specificity of the sector, very exposed to the new coronavirus, urging that, for this exposure, “as soon as there was a possibility, we would be vaccinated” .

Yesterday, the answer to the proposal’s ‘paternity’ will have arrived. He confesses that he received confirmation through the regional health secretary himself that “associations representing the class should make lists of drivers over the age of 50 and with associated comorbidities”, recalls the conversation.

This step will save time, as “when our turn comes to have a defined list”, he stresses, refusing to comment on whether AITRAM intended to take credit for this initiative by announcing first hand that the taxi drivers would be vaccinated.

From Diário Notícias

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