Almost 30 firefighters extinguished a fire at McDonald’s on Avenida do Mar

About three dozen firefighters from Funchal’s two corporations and eight vehicles were there this morning to battle a fire in the restaurant of the fast food chain McDonalds, located on Avenida do Mar.

At about 2:15 am the alarm went off due to the smoke that was being generated inside the building and quickly the Firefighters of Funchal and Voluntários Madeirenses corporations left for the place, where they came across a picture that could be worrying given that the area is made up of buildings already historic and with a chain of internal links.

They ended up detecting the origin of the fire principle in the electronic panel system, which was already expanding to the false ceilings, generating a lot of smoke and which took over the building. Smoke was also coming out of the same complex that overlooks Rua da Alfândega.

From Diário Notícias

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