Covid-19 Vaccine Clients Impressed

Robert Webb of Bespoke Villas Madeira has let me know how impressed and well organised the vaccine program is here in Madeira.

Bespoke Villas took some of our resident clients for the Covid 19 vaccinations in Funchal, at the Tecnopolo.
They enrol their resident clients in healthcare as part of their full service, including all that is needed also for the vaccine.

Robert says inside it is very organised, and every care is taken throughout the process, once details are collect the clients were seated to wait for the vaccine, and then reseated to wait 15-30 minutes incase of any reaction. They were offered tea or coffee, and cake or biscuits while waiting.

The age group is the over 80s and those 75-80 with other health issues, that are almost vaccinated now.

The whole process is very quick with many staff on duty making it all run very smooth.

Want to make your home on this beautiful island, and enjoy a much more relaxed slower pace of life, check out the website and contact Robert for more information. You are not only buying a dream home, but a whole package from residency to, healthcare and all the other help you need along the way.

Bespoke Villas Madeira


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