The Associação Ajuda Alimentar a Cães denounced this Sunday, in social networks, the situation of a dog that is chained to the wall, without shelter, in a house where it is not able to contact with the family.

According to the publication published today, the association says that the animal is 24 hours in the same place, in the sun or in the rain, and that it does not even reach the water container, which by its appearance, green, has been there for some time.

The association says that it has received “several complaints about this dog that lives in Garajau, more precisely in the Jardins do Atlântico building”, they have called to the place “several times” to raise awareness of the family and offer help “but there is never any answer”.

“The dog is kept chained to the wall without any shelter for 24 hours. We were sent several photos and videos taken during the day, during the night and even the dog in the rain that proves it”, assures the same entity.

The association adds that it has already sent the case to the Santa Cruz City Council and to the local PSP, hoping to have news soon about what is happening.

“Does anyone know the family to let us know that this dog should be released immediately? It has enough and safe yard for the dog to be free. The Association Helps to Feed Dogs is available to help the family to improve conditions”, appeals the association.

From Jornal Madeira