PS-Madeira met with Groundforce workers

Members of the PS-Madeira Parliamentary Group in the Legislative Assembly met today with the committee representing the workers of Groundforce. The objective of this meeting, which also involved members of the PS Santa Cruz council, was to listen to the workers’ concerns and proposals about their current employment situation.

The socialists showed their concern and solidarity with those professionals and intend to assist them in finding solutions to their problems.

Groundforce currently employs 208 workers in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, who, like their colleagues on the continent, are in arrears and have an uncertain professional future. In practice, there are more than two hundred families living in uncertainty and instability, with an increased concern because the process is dragging on in time.

As PS-Madeira did, employees only have information regarding a possible injection of 7 million euros in the company that will only guarantee the payment of salaries, but they consider that this is a solution only for the immediate and not the long term, for what they fear for the future.

The elements of the PS present at the meeting were available to, together with the committee of representatives of Groundforce workers, present solutions that aim to ensure the sustainability of the company and the safeguarding of jobs.

The members of the municipality of Santa Cruz were particularly apprehensive about the social consequences of this situation in that locality, given that the vast majority of the company’s workers are from the municipalities of Santa Cruz and Machico.

From Diário Notícias

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