Regional Government officially extends containment measures until 29th March

This morning, the Regional Government published, in the Official Journal of RAM, the resolution that extends until 29th March the necessary measures for the control and containment of the pandemic in RAM. This resolution thus extends the measures that were in force until today.

It should be noted that the President of the Regional Government had already mentioned that the measures of containment of the pandemic will continue until Easter, but only with the resolution published today they remain officially in force.

However, the operation of the Engenhos (Sugar cane factories) and the harvest of sugar cane was authorized, given the fact that the sugarcane working period takes place between March and May, as well as the circulation on the public road, of all vehicles that perform related tasks with that activity; in addition to the hours provided for in paragraph 4 of Resolution 19/2021 of 11 January, which remain in force, due to successive extensions.

From Diário Notícias

I think we can safely say this curfew will definitely stay in place till after Easter, then we hope things will start to change then.

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