Madeira shines in digital tourism

The region climbed to the TOP 10 of the list of best destinations in the world for digital nomads. A list with more than two thousand destinations.

Since the beginning of the year, the region has risen in this table. It was in position 70.

The reason is the Madeira Digital Nómadas project, which has already surpassed the 6,200 people registered. And the number continues to increase.

Since it was announced, the Madeira Digital Nomads initiative has attracted the attention of international media.

Those responsible for the project emphasize that a large investment is not necessary, but guarantee that the Region can become a world leader in digital nomadism.

From RTP Madeira

This is very good for Madeira, and also great for Porto Santo, bringing much needed economy to the he Islands.

But what th is they have also brought problems, especially not sticking to the rules and measures we have in place for the Covid-19 pandemic. Not respecting the curfew, and holding parties with many people till late in the night. Readers have sent me complaints on a weekly basis, 2-3 a week sometimes.

So it’s great they are hear, and also I believe they can do a much better job than the tourist board in putting Madeira on the map and reaching out to different audiences, but keep the respect.

What do you all think about Digital Nomads, good or bad for the islands.?

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