The Funchal City Council continues to invest in the Funchal Ecological Park, which now has a new pedestrian route between Ribeira das Cales and Levada do Barreiro, with 2.2 km in length.

President Miguel Silva Gouveia, accompanied by Vice-President Idalina Perestrelo, who oversees the Environment, took the new trail and explained that “this new route allows the connection between the park’s reception center, located in Ribeira das Cales, and Levada do Barreiro , providing all visitors with a 10 km circular pedestrian route, with passes, for example, through the emblematic Poço da Neve, and return to the same place. ”

“We want to make the people of Funchal, all the Madeirans, and those who visit us aware of all the potential of fauna and flora that the Ecological Park has to offer, making this space a pleasant and safe leisure area”, he added.

The Municipality has improved all the recommended routes with periodic cleaning actions and several interventions at the level of the pavement, updated signage, signed routes, repair of railings, among others.

It is recalled that, at the beginning of this year, the municipality invested around 100 thousand euros in the periodic cleaning of pedestrian paths “we are cleaning about 41 kilometers of paths with deforestation, unblocking and maintenance services, which we hope to conclude in time for the summer, but that has already borne good fruit, especially with the hydraulic passages that were essential to avoid some landslides in the storm that hit the city last March. ”

The President concludes that “all recommended walking routes are available and able to be walked freely by people, always with respect for nature and for the work that has been done at the Parque Ecológico do Funchal. All the conditions are met so that people from Funchal, and other residents and interested parties, can enjoy nature in this immense green space of the city of Funchal. ”

From Jornal Madeira

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