Vaccination record at Tecnopolo with 1500 people in one day

354 people were also vaccinated in Câmara de Lobos, in the sports pavilion next to the Escola da Torre

The vaccination against Covid-19 reached, yesterday, a record in the center set up in Madeira Tecnopolo. On the 24th of April, 1,500 doses of the vaccine were applied to residents of Funchal. Vaccination continues today and extends into tomorrow.

People between the ages of 60 and 70 are being vaccinated, the age criterion being the only one in this phase in Funchal.

During the day, 1,000 people should be vaccinated and, tomorrow, another 1,100.

Also in Câmara de Lobos, in the sports pavilion next to the Escola da Torre, 354 people were vaccinated yesterday.

Today, Pedro Ramos returned to visit the vaccination center of Madeira Tecnopolo and the moment was used to perpetuate in image the record of 1500 vaccines achieved yesterday.

Some people told DIÁRIO that there were problems in Funchal with the scheduling of vaccines and that they had been called late, by phone, to be vaccinated. A source from the Department of Health explained to us that, every day, there are calls to some people to get vaccinated that same day.

The same person clarified that, for each day, a list of people to be vaccinated is drawn up, who are contacted. However, not all of them attend the vaccination, for a number of reasons. Therefore, there is a list of supplements to be vaccinated.

When the end of each vaccination day approaches, those responsible for the center calculate how many vaccines will be left over and begin to contact the alternates, so that they will be vaccinated with these leftovers. This has meant that, so far, there has been no waste of vaccines.

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