Young man from Camacha found late yesterday afternoon.

With a family in Camacha and living in a boys’ institution in Funchal, the young man has been missing for more than 48 hours, according to the alert issued by the family and the Junta de Freguesia in the last hours.

The boy is institutionalized in Funchal, JM learned from a family member, who also revealed to our newspaper that the family was not given much information about the reasons for his disappearance.

The boy was found on the expressway, between Cancela and Camacha, where a PSP patrol appeared and soon identified the boy, after being alerted by a popular person. A family member assured that the 14-year-old returned to the institution and that is without health problems. The same family member said that the boy has been in the institution for a month and did not report any problems to the family.

From Jornal Madeira