At the beginning of this Tuesday morning, it was only necessary to collect, within the scope of the 2021 Census, information on 7 660 households, which corresponds to 5.5% of the total households in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The data are from the Regional Directorate of Statistics and show that the answer given within the deadline – that is, between April 19 and May 3, covered 94.5% of the approximately 140 thousand households existing in the Region.

In the last situation report released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the data also reveals that Madeira is the region of the country with the highest percentage of registered accommodations, with a positive differential of more than 5 percentage points in relation to the national average.

Figures that, according to the vice-president of the Regional Government, responsible for the supervision of regional statistics, reveal a great sense of citizenship among the Madeiran population, who have collaborated in an unsurpassable way.

In all municipalities in RAM, the number of accommodations to be registered is less than 5%, and this census is practically completed in the municipalities of Porto Moniz, Calheta, S. Vicente and Porto Santo.

240 thousand Madeirans registered so far

To date, around 240 thousand Madeirans have been registered. Although it is premature to make an assessment of the final resident population, and if the percentage of households that are unregistered whether or not occupied by families is not fully known, it is estimated that the resident population in the Region will decrease compared to the Census determined in 2011.

The 2021 data will be released between the end of July and the beginning of August, in a simultaneous release by the statistical authorities involved in the operation, INE and regional statistical services in Madeira and the Azores.

You can still respond to the Census

Although the preferential deadline for reply expired last Monday, May 3, the Census 2021 operation has not ended.

Anyone who has not yet responded can do so, preferably over the internet, through the address censos2021.ine.pt

The telephone response, calling 21 054 2021 remains active. Moving to the parish council is another alternative, as the e-censuses support counters continue to function.

The enumerator can also interview the family and thus collect the necessary information. The use of paper questionnaires – the traditional way of responding to Censuses – remains also an option.

The late reply does not lead to litigation, but the ostensible refusal can lead to the application of this solution, for which reason the collaboration and understanding of the population is requested.

Please note that those who, for some reason, did not receive the letter with the necessary codes for a reply in the mailbox, or if they made it unusable, please contact the respective parish council.

It should be noted that the responses received resulted from the online filling out by 89% of the families, 6% through a direct interview by the enumerator and 4% in the Parish Councils. The response by telephone and on paper was residual.

Verification and quality control phase started this week

Enumerators, in this final phase of the Censuses operation, will emphasize their presence on the ground, placing notices in the mailboxes of those who have not yet responded and making a series of on-site confirmations , following the instructions of the coordination. Also, within the scope of the Census quality control plan, a 5% fringe of households will be subject to re-inquiry to confirm the housing situation, the address and the number of household members.

Those responsible for this contact will be the coordinators and subcoordinators of the parish.

Regional coordination leaves alerts

One of the most frequently asked questions that the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), the entity that coordinates the Census 2021 operation in RAM, has been confronted with the situation of tenants who do not respond to the Census because they are in rented accommodation situation not declared by the landlords to the Tax Authority.

In these cases, DREM has clarified that the operation is for statistical purposes only, not resulting in an intersection with Finance, Social Security, or any other entity. All the information reported is confidential and will not result in the loss of benefits in individual terms.

Another frequent situation is the omission of family members, either because they are minors (in the case of newborns), or because they are temporarily absent (in the case of university students outside the Region, seasonal emigrants or someone who is hospitalized). are accounted for in the responses to the Censuses. In these cases, DREM requests that the Parish Council be contacted and reported on this situation, in order to proceed with the correction.

From Jornal Madeira

A very good result, I was really not expecting it to go that well.

If you still think your property has not been registered you can still do it on the ways above, if you call they have English speakers and it can all be done over the phone.

Or just send an email and let them know the situation.


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