Mayra Santos crosses Ponta do Pargo and Porto Moniz

After breaking the double world record for static swimming, Mayra Santos today has a new challenge trying to complete 15 kilometers between Ponta do Pargo and Porto Moniz, with the best estimate of reaching the harbor of the northern municipality in the next 6 hours.

The open water course is “an unprecedented event, at least there is no memory” that someone has challenged the ever-changing sea of ​​Ponta do Pargo or Achadas da Cruz, said the trainer who accompanies the athlete on a support vessel from Madeira Wild Blue . The Municipality of Calheta also supports this initiative. Alderman Aleixo Abreu sponsored the exit.

Before leaving the Porto de Recreio da Calheta the swimmer was confident of completing the course despite recognizing that the waves and currents in the North are always more complicated and require greater physical wear.

Mayra Santos has lived in Madeira for about 17 years now has the dream of going around Madeira island by sea and this can be a kind of training. A very ambitious objective that needs support for its realization.

Last year she was the first woman to swim across Porto Santo and Madeira. 42 kilometers were completed in 12 hours, 07 minutes and 20 seconds.

From Diário Notícias

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