“We have nothing to hide”, assures Albuquerque

“We are available, we always had, to collaborate with any investigation”, was the first reaction of the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, to the fact that the Judiciary Police (PJ) searches various Government services.

As DIÁRIO reported, the ongoing operation is part of an anonymous complaint related to an international public tender related to the ferry operation between Madeira and the mainland.

Albuquerque ensures that he has nothing to fear, confident that the process in question “is all clear, all transparent”.

In addition, he does not see “anything new” in these searches, but he considers anonymous reports “a problem”.

“There is a problem here, which is that these processes are often used for political purposes. This is what is a problem ”, he stressed. However, he makes it clear that “whenever inquiries are opened, we make available all that is necessary for investigation”.

Still on the PJ’s visit to Government services, Albuquerque guarantees never to question transparency, to conclude that “Government institutions are available for any purpose of investigation”, and also recognizes that “judicial institutions comply with the law. When there is a complaint, they investigate it ”.

In the case of the competition in question, he recalls that it is “the object of international competitions” and “supervised by the Court of Auditors”, to reinforce that there is also “nothing to hide and there is no problem”.

From Diário Notícias