Wind exceeded 100 km / h in the upper part of Funchal

If you are thinking of spending the day or part of the day at the highest points of Madeira, reconsider! Or, prepare yourself to be able to face strong wind, low temperature and, eventually, light showers.

This Sunday the strong wind forecast to blow in the highlands of the island of Madeira, already registered, in the dawn, gusts above 100 km / h. This occurred in the two automatic meteorological stations located at a higher altitude and with an anemometer (instrument used to measure wind speed), namely Chão do Areeiro (1,590 meters of altitude) and Pico Alto (1,118 m), both in the high zone of the Funchal. The latter recorded close to 04 am in the morning gust of wind up to 103 km / h. At the other station located higher up, at that same time, a gust of up to 100 km / h was recorded.

Wind that, however, subsided, although it continues to feel moderate to strong. In the last hour (until 09:00) the maximum gust in Chão do Areeiro went to 87 km / h, and 72 km / h through Pico Alto.

This Sunday also highlights the sharp cooling of the air temperature in the highlands. Pico do Areeiro recorded in the last hours a thermal variation above 15 degrees centigrade (º C), going from a maximum temperature of 17.0 ºC, registered yesterday, to an extreme minimum of 1.3 ºC, felt already this morning.

There is also a small drop in temperature on the coast. Today, until 9:00 am, in the entire network of IPMA stations in the Region, air temperatures remained below 20 ºC. This after a night where the highest minimum temperature was 18.2 ºC, recorded in Funchal / Lido.

From Diário Notícias