Church Service Ponta do Sol

Thanks to David and Cathy Thomas for sending this information..

As regular members of our reformed church in England prior to our retirement to Madeira in 2019, we have been looking for a church here that would fill our spiritual needs, as well as our desire for a place of fellowship and Christian love and respect for all. So we were intrigued when James Paice advertised in advance that he would be spending some months in Madeira, based around the Digital Nomads in Ponta do Sol, and that he wished to set up a ‘pop-up’ non-denominational church in the area. So we attended the first of his Sunday services at the Sol Poente cafe (up the slope towards the causeway on the left headland at Ponta do Sol beach), and we have been going ever since.

There is something almost magical about praising the Lord through worship and song in the open air, gazing out across the wonder of his creation that is Madeira. We especially enjoy the times of fellowship we have spent before and after the services, as well as the occasional excursions we have made on levada walks and ‘bring-and-share’ lunches at fellow church members houses (not to forget James’s own generosity with an open-house invitation for drinks on the terrace of his rented house in Lombada). With James’s encouragement we have also been drawn to join a weekly Bible study class, which we have found both interesting and uplifting. We know James is also keen to provide the Alpha course for anyone that might be interested.

So we have been extremely pleased that James was called to come to Madeira to establish the “Church of the Son” in Ponta do Sol, and would encourage anyone, wherever you are on your faith journey, or just curious, to come and join us at 10am on Sunday, where you will receive a very warm welcome.