Portugal out of the UK’s ‘green list’

The United Kingdom decided this Thursday, June 3, to remove Portugal from the list of destinations that allow Britons to travel abroad without having to comply with quarantine when they return to the United Kingdom.

“At the base of this decision is the increase of infections in the country and the appearance of new variants in Europe”, advances the RTP citing information from the BBC.

A ‘traffic light’ system is in place in the UK, with three different colors depending on the degree of risk in the country of origin. Each color (green, amber and red) corresponds to specific rules regarding the number of tests required or the need for quarantine – when returning to the country in the case of British tourists.

Since May 17, Portugal was included in the ‘green list’. With the departure, the British who travel to Portugal are then subject to the fulfillment of quarantine on their return to the United Kingdom.

I still can’t find if they will keep the islands of Madeira or the Azores separate from the mainland of Portugal. Let’s pray they do and people can still continue to travel to and from here.

So much stress on my side, I have just had my first Pfizer vaccine, although that’s not going to help with my trip to the UK, and looking at the news I believe the changes take place on the Tuesday the 8th, the day after I’m due to travel. ????