Madeira Government amends announced rules to control covid-19

The Regional Government of Madeira has just issued a clarification on the rules/recommendations announced yesterday for the control of covid-19.

And he says that “the resolution that will be published today contains a set of reasonable and common sense measures, which aim to contain the spread of the pandemic and maintain control of the health situation”.

“It is necessary to clarify and clarify, however, some aspects of its application to the public opinion”.

1. With regard to:

a) Supermarkets/grocers;

b) Public transport;

c) Pharmacies and clinics;

d) Churches and places of worship;

e) Urgent acts relating to Justice;

f) And other essential services contained in the resolution;

Citizens are only asked for: Vaccination Certificate OR Antigen Test.

2. In cases where a vaccination certificate and an antigen test are required cumulatively to exercise/attend activities/events in the public and private sectors:

a) Sport;

b) restaurants;

c) hairdressers;

d) gyms;

e) bars and clubs;

f) cultural events;

g) cinemas;

h) night activities;

i) games;

j) casinos;

k) and other similar social activities,

The Regional Government says that there will be a transitional period of application, which is also included in the resolution.

“Thus, until 00:00 on the 27th of November, citizens will only be asked to present the Vaccination Certificate or the Rapid Antigen Test. Either one or the other”, he adds.

Before, the Regional Government makes a rather extensive introduction to explain/recall the context of the measures it wants to make mandatory:

“Up to the present date, the Regional Public Health Authorities have been monitoring and following the transmission chains of Covid 19 cases in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Likewise, hospital and non-hospital infrastructures have demonstrated the capacity to respond to cases identified,” says the Madeiran Executive.

However, it emphasizes that the exponential growth in the number of cases and hospitalizations, including intensive care, as it is happening across Europe and the country, imposes measures and procedures on the Regional Health Authorities to contain and control the pandemic while it’s time.

Thus, the measures announced yesterday are “impressive and necessary” for the containment of the pandemic in the Region and for “the essential maintenance of the control of transmission chains, to preserve the functioning of our economy and our society, avoiding situations of health and social, with very serious consequences”.

From Diário Notícias