“Call the police!”

Madeirans are revolted by the measures to control covid-19 announced by the Government.

The voices of wrath rise in pitch. All on account of the covid-19 control measures announced yesterday by the President of the Government.

Just read the comments generated in the Diário Notícias Debate, posted yesterday on our Facebook page, right after the Miguel Albuquerque Press Conference to understand the growing revolt of Madeirans that will force the regional government to an unprecedented retreat.

Politicians also react on the networks. The Socialist Deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, Carlos Pereira, made a point of order on the regional measures, considering that, in order to be effective, “they must be communicated unequivocally and be effectively achievable in the intended period”.

Yesterday the communist Edgar Silva questioned Miguel Albuquerque’s powers.

In a post published this morning on Facebook, the geographer and former PSD councilor at the CMF, Raimundo Quintal, assumes that he will not comply with rules imposed by the Regional Government, which violate the freedoms guaranteed in the Portuguese Constitution. Call the police!

From Diário Notícias

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