Terra X Documentary

Thanks to Elsa Gouveia for sending me this information and link to the video below.

I have watched the video and its full of great images from the Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands.

The video is all in German, but was still very interesting to watch, including the birth of so of the islands on the Azores, and in Madeira the giant dandelion plant, the spiders on the Desertas, and the Cory shearwater nesting in our cliffs.

Well worth watching.

Hello Tobi,
I have been the local producer in the past November 2020 for the documentary Terra X that is now in exhibition in the German TV – Channel ZDF
Don’t know if this is relevant news for you, but here is the link of the documentary with amazing images of Madeira.
We had the support of the Regional Government of Madeira, through the Secretaria Regional do Ambiente and also the support of several contributors that we would like to say thank you:
Dra Susana Prada SRA,
Dr. José Manuel Lopes Rodrigues do IFCN;
Dr. José Manuel Vieira da Silva da SRA,
Vigilante da Natureza Isamberto Silva,
Rede SOS Vida Selvagem,
Dr. Luis Freitas -Diretor do Museu da Baleia da Madeira,
Dra. Rosa Maria Cordeiro Pires do Projeto LIFE-Madeira-Lobo Marinho,
Dr. Miguel Pinto da Silva Menezes de Sequeira, Professor da Universidade da Madeira.