The CDU held this Tuesday, on S. Tiago beach, in the Old Town of Funchal, a political initiative on places of resistance for the people’s right to the city.

On this occasion, Edgar Silva, CDU candidate for the presidency of Funchal City Council, said that “despite many attempts to steal the beach of S. Tiago from the people of Funchal, despite the narrowing of access to the sea, the truth is that the people have resisted and safeguarded that place as a public space.

With the PSD, the PS, the Regional Government or the CMF, several maneuvers were tried to expel the people from what is still left of S. Tiago beach.  There has been resilience to face the strategy of domination on the part of the city’s powerful”.

According to Edgar Silva, “S. Tiago Beach is a symbolic place for the struggle of the people of Funchal for the right to the city. The rulers do everything to kick the people out of spaces that the city’s landlords want tourists and privatise. 

From Jornal Madeira

Totally agree the beach should stay for the local people of Funchal, as it always has been. The bar down there is also very good, with a nice atmosphere, and popular with locals and tourists.

Forte São Tiago is in a disgusting state, they have been talking about painting this for years, it a shame on the area and probably miss management for the degraded state it is in. Once a very popular place for weddings, who would want to get married their at the monent with it looking like this.