Many tourists have been looking for a new attraction in Porto Santo: the Greta da D. Beja in Ribeiro dos Burros, near Porto dos Frades.

It is in a place that was unknown until recently and was made known by Adriano Andrade, a forest guard who has been on the island for five years, working in the Forestry Police.

Jornal Madeira went to the site and had the opportunity to see the beauty of the huge cliffs and small caves dug by the water and the wind at Praia dos Burros, north of the Island. 

A work of art that has been visited by many people, who take the opportunity to dive into the clear waters of the “mar das mulheres”.

To reach this paradise, it takes some care and some physical strength. It is not advisable to bring children or older people. Maybe one day they will decide to turn that place into a tourist attraction, it has all the conditions for that.