Machico asks for the rehabilitation of the Água de Pena Sports Park

“The Água de Pena Sports Park was once the pride and reference for sports in the municipality of Machico. Today we find an almost abandoned park, with serious deficiencies in its maintenance, the result of the Regional Government’s turning its back on Machico and the incompetence of the City Council in managing this enterprise”, accuses the Liberal Machico Initiative through a statement, after having visited the site last Saturday.

The party proposes the requalification of the space, suggesting that if the government or Council are not capable of managing it, it should be leased to a private partner, safeguarding public interests and access to the population.

From Diário Notícias

I thought money had been put down to tidy this space up, and things had started to happen, but I guess like everything else on the island, the money has been wasted, and nothing more happening. Great shame as this space could be used for so much, all year round.

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