There are now 14 more cases of covid-19 in Porto Santo, making a total of 49 active cases, Rogério Correia reported a moment ago.

“These new cases concern the same groups of young people in Madeira as yesterday’s cases, who were already isolated”, said the Porto Santo Health delegate, adding that of these 49 active people, there are two people residing in the golden island. That is, 47 of the active infections concern visitors.

In addition, Rogério Correia also states that he “has taken stock of the average age of young people in these positive cases and found that he is around 16/17 years old. Kids who, for the most part, are here in Porto Santo without parents”, warned the person in charge.

Remember that on p. 5 of today’s print edition of JM, the Health delegate criticizes the attitude of young people on the golden island and calls on parents to “control” their children.

From Jornal Madeira

The situation with these young kids is out of control, with daily reports of large parties and vandalism across the island.

I’m 90% sure a lot of these kids will be the sons and daughters of professionals in Madeira, like doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and so on. It’s the same each year, and there seems to be hardly any police control on the island.

For such a small island, you would think it will be a simple task to get this under control, and have them removed from the island.

Can’t really blame the younger people for wanting to enjoying themselves, and it’s been a very difficult time for them, especially with schooling. Vandalism is another factor though, and lack of education from their parents.

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