Prolonged red warning of warm weather in the mountainous regions of Madeira

The red hot weather warning in the mountainous regions of Madeira has been extended by 24 hours. As such, it will remain in effect until 6 pm on Tuesday, the 17th.

The update is due to the forecast of the persistence of extremely high temperature values ​​in the highest points of the island of Madeira, where extreme temperatures above 32 ºC have already been recorded.

Until 1 pm, here are the values ​​above 30 ºC recorded in the IPMA meteorological station network in the Region: 32.5 ºC, in Chão do Areeiro; 32.3 ºC, in Pico Alto; 32.1 ºC at Bica da Cana; 31.6 ºC, in Quinta Grande; 31.4 ºC, at Pico do Areeiro; 30.5 ºC, in Lombo da Terça/Achadas da Cruz; 30.3 °C, in Mt; 30.2 ºC, in Santa Cruz/Airport.

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