Orange warm weather warning in Madeira extended

The predictable persistence of very high maximum temperature values ​​in the Region led the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere – IPMA to update the orange warm weather warning for Madeira and Porto Santo, issued yesterday, extending it until dawn on Tuesday the 17th.

The warning for moderate to high risk weather conditions (orange warning) is now valid for 44 hours, between 09:00 tomorrow 15th August, and 05:00, the 17th, Tuesday.

Temperature will exceed 30 ºC ‘from sea to mountains’

The latest update by the IPMA regarding the extreme values ​​of air temperatures forecast for the coming days, forecasts maximum temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade (ºC) in Funchal and in the mountainous regions, between Sunday and Tuesday.

The highest peaks (32 ºC) are now aimed at Funchal (15th) and at the highest points (1,500 meters altitude), namely in Bica da Cana (16th and 17th). Air temperature that should also reach 30 ºC in Areeiro and Câmara de Lobos.

Until Tuesday, the maximum temperatures in the ‘less hot’ localities of Madeira should reach 26 ºC, as is the case of Santo da Serra.

In Porto Santo the maximum forecast is 27ºC.

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