The company will do as required by law, but prefers the Government to manage the process for travel by residents and students. Eddie Wilson says there is room for growth in international flights and praises the Airport.

In the interview published today in the Público newspaper, Eddie Wilson leaves two guarantees related to Madeira. And a compliment to the Airport.

The first is that it will respect what is defined in terms of the mobility allowance, although it considers that the Regional Government should manage the process and not the companies.

The second is that the investment in the Region comes at the right time. He recalls that to place two planes in Madeira, each worth US$100 million, represents an important effort, in addition to the investment to train pilots due to the specificities of Madeira Airport. “It was the right time to arrive in Madeira”, he summarizes.

When asked if there is scope to add routes to the existing ten, Eddie Wilson is in no doubt. He says there is “very big” room for growth. And he adds: “Mainly for international flights. It’s putting more planes here and adding destinations. The Airport works very well. We can fly first thing in the morning. We are very excited.”

From Jornal Madeira