Job opportunities at Connecting Software

Connecting Software are hiring….

For both job openings, we are open to any nationality but having a proficiency level (C2) of English is required. The details for each job are displayed on our webpage, but here is a brief description:

Sales manager: we have two open positions for key account/ technical sales professionals. Our customers are cross-industries, which means the people we hire will be dealing with small businesses to global enterprises or governmental organizations. Our methods are far from cold calls or old-school selling, we appreciate creativity. For both positions we are looking for experienced people, with at least a bachelor’s degree, to be based in the Madeiran Office.

Quality Assurance Engineer: we have two open positions for this job, and there is flexibility regarding the office: either the Madeiran or the Slovakian offices have their doors open. One of the persons to be hired can be a newly grad, but we are also seeking someone with 2+ years of experience. For more technical details, such as skills and etc, we recommend the candidates to go through our careers webpage.

Connecting Software: Austrian-German company with nearly 2 decades on the market. We have offices in Europe (our headquarters is in Vienna – Austria, but we also have offices in Malacky – Slovakia, and Madeira Island – Portugal) and in the U.S. Our clients are based everywhere in the world and the work environment is great!

Regarding the new office, we moved to a bigger place (from Câmara de Lobos to Funchal). Our business is growing fast, and we are looking to expand our staff and go even further. Our CEO, Thomas Berndorfer, states: “I am very excited to welcome 4 new people to our team. We built a supportive and productive work environment that is based on trust and common goals, which has been reflected in how fast our business is developing. We want to go even further and accomplish much more. I am very grateful for the local support in Madeira, and I cannot wait to present our new office facilities.

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