Porto Santo Has 8 Active Cases

Porto Santo has eight active cases of Covid-19. According to the local health delegate, Rogério Correia, during the last week there was only one positive case in Ilha Dourada, in this case a Porto-santense who traveled to Funchal and who in the test carried out on the 5th day after arrival it was confirmed that he was infected.

The director of the Porto Santo Health Center also stressed that “it is important to comply with the established rules” and again advised people not to hold “extended parties” in order to protect, above all, “the elderly family members”.

“What we went through, in other words, the 46 cases we had in Porto Santo in a week, is a reflection of this piece of advice which will have not been fulfilled. We will not do the same mistake again until we are vaccinated”, stressed Rogério Correia.

From Diário Notícias