Digital nomads in Machico

Yesterday, in Machico, the official opening of the ‘Amparo Workspace’ for digital nomads took place. This new space is intended for the remote work of “digital nomads” which aims to be a dynamic space for activity in the municipality of Machico, a place sought after by the communities.

This space for digital nomads is located in the Fort of Nossa Senhora do Amparo, in the heart of the city.

Tiago Olim and Dina de Freitas are the young entrepreneurs and mentors of the newly established community in Machico, which aims to be an attraction for remote workers.

Ricardo Franco, Mayor of Machico, said that “this project was immediately welcomed by the municipality” who believed in its potential for “representing an added value for the municipality, as the project now launched aims to attract remote workers from all over the world to the municipality, where they will be able to enjoy a new infrastructure created with them in mind”.

The opening of the space was attended by the Mayor of Machico, Ricardo Franco, the councilor responsible for Education and Culture, Mónica Vieira and the representative of Start up Madeira, as well as several digital nomads.

From Diário Notícias