Mega Bolo do Rei at Curral

Sunday 5th January, the Curral das Freiras Casa do Povo will again fulfill the tradition of ‘Singing the Kings’.

The event, which is already in its 26th edition, promises a lot of excitement, not missing a mega king-cake, as hundreds of people are expected in the main square of the parish, next to the Church, where is already set the stage where should pass the various groups that will shape the event, from 15 hours. By 18 o’clock is expected to cut the cake, which last year, remember, was 13 meters long and weighed more than 25 kilos. This year the cake should not evade these ‘measures’.

It should be noted that the objectives seem well defined for the organization and make known to the local community, as well as to the visitors, the most varied ways of ‘singing the kings’, concentrating in a single place a diversity of ‘songs’ that are have kept over the ages. It is precisely to ensure the continuation of the tradition that the Curral Casa do Povo promotes the ‘singing’ door to door, visiting the parishes of the parish, from 7 pm, extending into the night, always with much animation.

And if in 1994, the year of the first edition of the event, this format was new, today it happens in many other places.

Taken from Diário Freguesia.

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