Last flights of the day diverting

Tin the last couple of hours the strong wind is conditioning the operation at Madeira Airport. Two planes are flying around at the moment, unable to land and 3 ended up diverying.

The Ryanair flight – FR387 – from Lisbon was supposed to land at Madeira International Airport at 19:40, but ended diverting. The same happens with another flight of the Irish company, this one coming from Paris – FR400.

Also from Ryanair, flight FR 389 from Stansted, London, scheduled to arrive at 20:05, ended up being diverted.

TAP Porto and TAP Lisbon plus the Binter flight from Porto Santo are all trying to land.

The easyJet flight from Lisbon is the only flight that managed to land in the last hours.

From Diário Notícias

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