Selfie Sunday from me…

Morning everyone.

Just a big big thank you to all that have come to visit us in Munchies over the last 3 weeks. Its been great to see you all and to meet new friends.

Sorry I haven’t had time to be out and chat with you all yet, I have been doing 12-14 hours a day, and a lot of work in the kitchen, but it’s slowly all getting organised, and we are getting to know what is popular on the menu so can prep more 🤗🤗🤗

Hope to meet more of you over the coming weeks, I will be there for sure, but hope to get some help to give me a little rest in the evenings. 😋

Sunday we are closed so a day to rest a little.🙏

This first Selfie is from me, thanks for the visit from a group of Swedish friends that spend 6 months of the year here, and passed by for a poncha 🤗😜

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