Madeiran affected by Volcano on Lá Palma

Luís Miguel Ramos has lived in La Laguna, on the island of La Palma for over 20 years. This Friday afternoon, he saw his property being affected by the lava from the volcano that since Sunday erupted on that island of the Canary Islands.

In a statement to RTP, the Madeiran, born in Porto da Cruz, realized, not long ago, that his property was at risk, and he was trying to rescue the animals he owns there. Authorities evacuated his family last Sunday afternoon, without having had the opportunity to remove some of his belongings.

When speaking to the national television channel, Luís Miguel Ramos said he did not know if he still had a house, as there was a possibility that it had been ‘swallowed’ by the lava flow and the police were not allowing access to the area of your residence.

This afternoon a new eruptive mouth opened and the volcano has been showing more explosive periods, having already devastated about 240 hectares of land in a perimeter of about 16 kilometers.

From Diário Notícias

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