The biggest ship since the beginning of the pandemic has already arrived in Funchal

The cruise ship ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ has just started mooring maneuvers at the Pontinha jetty. At 326 meters in length, it is the largest ship to call in Funchal since the beginning of the pandemic, a year and a half ago.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines unit is currently carrying out a positional journey from the European to the American continent, and today makes a seven-hour technical stopover in Funchal, being arranged by JFM Shipping. In Madeira, 19 technicians will disembark who monitored the ship after a recent maintenance operation in Italian shipyards. There are also 1,542 crew members on board, but they will not disembark, at the company’s option. For the rest, the ship does not bring tourists.

The ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ departs Funchal scheduled for 19:00 this afternoon.

From Diário Notícias