Movement of 8,581 people in the Port of Funchal on Christmas Eve and Day

Today, the port of Funchal welcomed the usual weekly customer “Marella Explorer” which brought  2,582 people on board and will stay in Madeira for 15 hours. Coming from Lanzarote, the ship carries 1,834 passengers and 748 crew. It departs tonight at 11 pm, bound for Las Palmas.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, two ships are expected in the port of Funchal, “Norwegian Sun” and “Amadea”, with a total of 3,397 people on board.

The “Norwegian Sun” comes from Lisbon, with 1,659 passengers and 943 crew. It makes an 11-hour stopover in Madeira and leaves at 5 pm for the island of La Palma.

The “Amadea” which is on a transatlantic journey to Bridgetown, in the Caribbean, brings on board 501 passengers and 294 crew. Departs at 5 pm, after a 9-hour stopover in Madeira, bound for the capital of Barbados.

From Diário Notícias