Great news, and shows the Region is recovering well. Lots of percentages and numbers, but some are pretty impressive.

Data published today by the Regional Directorate of Statistics show that estimates for August 2021 reveal that 80.6% of tourist accommodation establishments in RAM registered a movement of guests (91.7% of total tourist accommodation capacity) this month. By segment, hotels had the highest percentage of establishments in its segment with guest traffic (84.6%), followed by local accommodation with 80.3% and tourism in rural areas with 79.7%.

In August 2021, a total of 875.9 thousand overnight stays in tourist accommodation were estimated, representing a very significant increase of 210.9% compared to the same month of the previous year (281.7 thousand overnight stays in 2020).

Even so, the DREM report shows, the number of overnight stays in August 2021 is still 4.4% below the figures recorded in August 2019 (916.5 thousand overnight stays), but it is higher than in August 2015. Unquestionably, August 2021 is since the beginning of the pandemic not only the one with the highest number of overnight stays, but also the one with the least reduction compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

It should be noted that, excluding local accommodation with less than 10 beds, overnight stays from tourist accommodation increased by 226.3% compared to August 2020, higher than that observed in the country, which was 47.6%.

Total revenue and revenue from accommodation also grew quite significantly in August 2021, of 284.2% and 297.3%, respectively. In the country, in the month in question, total income and revenue from accommodation registered positive variations of 58.6% and 59.7%, respectively.

Hotels concentrated 80.6% of overnight stays, growing 241.5% year-on-year. In turn, local accommodation recorded an increase of 130.5%, comprising 17.2% of total overnight stays, while tourism in rural areas and housing, which absorbed only 2.3% of overnight stays, corresponded to an increase of 101.8%.

From January to August 2021, overnight stays in total tourist accommodation in the Region registered an increase of 31.7% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching around 2.5 million, while total and accommodation income increased by 50.4% and 55.2%, respectively.

Analyzing the main issuing markets, the data show quite significant increases compared to the same period of the previous year.

The British market grew by 492.0%, followed by the French market (+239.1%) and the German market, with an increase of 93.7%. The domestic market registered, compared to August 2020, +88.5% of overnight stays in 2021.

In accumulated terms (from January to August 2021), the German market registered the biggest drop, with -39.7% of overnight stays, followed by the British market with a decrease of 2.2%. Unlike the other markets and for the same period, the Portuguese and French markets presented growth of 117.0% and 75.6% in relation to the same period of the previous year, respectively.

Comparing the reference period with August 2019, the activity in tourist accommodation still presents, as mentioned above, a decrease of 4.4% in overnight stays, with the German market recording the sharpest drop, of -43.3%, followed by the French with -38.9% and the British with -1.3%. The domestic market maintained the positive variation that has been seen in recent months, also surpassing the values ​​of August of previous years (+66.5% compared to August 2019).

The value of the average stay in August registered an increase in relation to the same month of the previous year (4.31 nights), standing at 5.13 nights.

The bed occupancy rate of tourist accommodation in the month in question was 72.6%, 43.1 percentage points (pp) above that observed in the same month of the previous year. In turn, the room occupancy rate reached 78.5%.

In August 2021, RevPAR was around 72.43 euros in tourist accommodation as a whole (excluding local accommodation under 10 beds), +212.6% compared to the same month of the previous year and +33.0% compared to the previous year. in the previous month. Compared to August 2019, the value of RevPar increased by 22.6% (59.09 euros in August 2019).

In turn, income per room used (ADR) went from €75.70 in August 2020 to €92.21 in August 2021 (+21.8%)

From Jornal Madeira

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