International Conwoman Hiding Out in Madeira?

The Block’s ‘international conwoman’ looks unrecognisable as she flees Australia to a remote Portuguese island, changes her name and sports a dramatic new hairdo – as she admits she’s in trouble Again.
  • Emese Fajk ditches Australia for the islands of Madeira off the coast of Portugal
  • Fajk, 28, adopted new identity, moved more than 18,000km from her troubles 
  • Alleged ‘international conwoman’ tried, failed to buy Jimmy and Tam’s home  
  • She was accused of sending doctored bank receipts to Channel Nine producer 
  • Now she is accused of pulling the same trick with her landlord in Madeira
  • ‘I’m hiding from my problems and my life,’ she told a recent lover in an email 

The accused ‘international conwoman’ who allegedly tried to cheat The Block with fake ANZ Bank slips is hiding out in disguise at an island paradise off the coast of Portugal.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal Emese Fajk, 28, jetted 18,000km overseas and adopted a new identity in the wake of her failed purchase of the Channel Nine show’s $4.2million winning home last year.

The Hungarian-born accused fraudster has assumed the name ‘Abigél Fuchs’ and is living in Funchal, the largest city of Madeira, a chain of islands in the north Atlantic Ocean.

Fajk appeared almost unrecognisable in pictures – sporting long blonde hair extensions – and has embraced a new coastal lifestyle, deep sea diving almost daily.

In an April 15 email to recent ex-boyfriend Steve Silva, obtained by the Mail, the accused Block scammer explained that she had to leave Australia ‘because it got to the point where I just couldn’t exist there anymore’.

Fajk confessed: ‘Yes, you’re right, I’m hiding. Not from the law … If I was in trouble with the law, I wouldn’t have been able to leave (Australia). I’m hiding from my problems and my life.’

However, a move halfway across the planet didn’t end Fajk’s trickery, it has been claimed.

Read the full story on the link below.

A quick look on Facebook shows she has a new profile in her new name with a very obvious photo taken in Madeira.


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