Miguel Andrade wins Rally Madeira Legend

The duo Miguel Andrade/Bruno Gouveia, in Renault 5 GT Turbo, won the Madeira Legend 2021 Rally, beating the Rui Conceição/Roberto Fernandes team, in Ford Escort RS Cosworth, by 1 second and 7 tenths.

This was the difference that separates the two teams at the start of the last qualifying, Terreiro da Luta, yet another accident by the César Freitas/Jorge Oliveira (Ford Escort MKI) pair, forced them to interrupt the qualifying. It was decided to allocate the best time recorded so far, which had been registered by João Martins, to all competitors who still had to start for the section. Given this, Miguel Andrade held the victory for the aforementioned minimum difference, accumulating it with the first place in the Spirit category.

João Martins/Sílvio Malho, in Ford Escort MKI, finished the race in third place, 44.1 seconds behind the first. This pair was also the winner of the Historic category.

Cláudio Nóbrega/Alípio Nóbrega (Nissan Datsun 1,200) ranked in fourth place, with 55.1 more than the first, while Eduardo Veiga/Inês Veiga (Ford Escort MKII) closed the top 5, with 1.10.6 more minutes. first ranked.

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