Last night was the coldest in Funchal (16.9 ºC) this semester

The arrival of November and the cooling of the air in recent days put an ‘end point’ to the series of tropical nights (minimum air temperatures did not fall below 20 ºC) in Madeira, which had been persisting for several months and only briefly interrupted in the month of October.

The forecast of a drop in air temperature from the middle of last week was confirmed. Since November 4th (Wednesday) the minimum air temperatures in Madeira, even along the coastline, have dropped below 20°C. Here are the highest lows recorded since then and until today (at 8:00 am): day 4/19.8 ºC; day 5/18.6°C; day 6/19,3°C, day 7/19.0°C; day 8/18.6 ºC (until 08:00). The first three values ​​were registered in Funchal/Lido, the last two in Santa Cruz/Aeroporto.

As for the extremes of minimum temperature, the lowest value recorded in Madeira in this ‘post-summer’ was felt in Bica da Cana last Tuesday, the 2nd, with ‘mercury’ dropping to 2.2 ºC.

This minimum temperature value reached today, during the night, almost to be equaled in Pico do Areeiro (2.6 ºC).

It should be noted that the dawn of this Monday is already the coldest in recent months in Funchal (low), where the air temperature has reached below 17 ºC. At 06:50 the Funchal/Observatory meteorological station marked 16.9 ºC.

Also the maximum temperatures ‘smoothed’. After 27.8 ºC, the highest this month, on the 3rd, in Funchal/Lido, the extremes of the maximum temperature have been registering milder values, ranging between 25.5 ºC, on the 4th, and 23.7 ºC, on the day 5, both in Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo.

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