Simple diesel is again close to the year’s peak

Since midnight this Monday, fuel prices, whose maximum values ​​for sale to the public are posted by the Regional Government of Madeira, have increased again, with emphasis on (simple) road diesel, precisely that which is most consumed by Madeirans. The value of this fuel is already practically at the level of the annual maximum before the tax reduction on petroleum products.

Effectively, costing 1.522 euros per liter from today until Sunday, November 14th, simple diesel is a few tenths away from reaching the 2021 maximum reached in the week of October 18th to 24th (1,525 euros per liter).

Already the ’95 petrol’ is still ‘far’ from the aforementioned maximum, which had reached that same week (1.732 euros per liter), since this week it increased again to 1.715 euros per liter.

Already colored and marked diesel reached 0.943 euros per liter this week, being also close to the 0.950 euros per liter also recorded in the aforementioned last week of October.

These values ​​mean that the decrease in ISP, namely in 95 octane gasoline and simple diesel implemented by the Regional Government in Ordinance 668/2021 of 21 October, which would come into force on 25 October.

At the time, the Regional Government promised that it would “monitor fuel prices over the next few weeks, in order to continue to safeguard the differential compared to the values ​​practiced on the mainland and ensure that they do not constitute an obstacle to the recovery of economic and the normal recovery that, fortunately, Madeira has already started”.

From Diário Notícias

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