Funchal harbor today with four cruise ships

There are three ships in the Port of Funchal today, two of which had already stayed overnight, and another that arrived just before 7:30 am this Monday.

So, as of yesterday, ‘Europa’ was docked at the north pier, next to the new maritime station. With 253 passengers and 267 crew, the ship has already arrived at 6:30 am on Sunday from Casablanca, Morocco, and only leaves at midnight from Monday to Tuesday heading to Porto Santo.

Yesterday at 9 pm, the ‘Hamburg’ arrived from Porto Santo with 246 passengers and 154 crew, and leaves today at lunch time (1 pm) towards the island of La Palma.

This morning the ‘Seabourn Ovation’ arrived from Lisbon and is preparing to cross the Atlantic, having chosen Funchal as the last port before heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was moored at the south end of Pontinha and the departure will be at 11 pm on Monday.

It is the largest ship that will be in port today (604 passengers capacity), but unlike days ago when it came from Tenerife with 342 passengers and 461 crew, this time it should be a repositioning trip to start a new operation in the Caribbean from of the 18th.

Finally, still arriving in Porto Santo, the Portuguese ‘World Voyager’ which arrives this morning from Santa Maria, in the Azores, and heads at 14:00 for Madeira, having expected to arrive at the Port of Funchal at 18:00. It will only leave tomorrow towards Ponta Delgada, after 24 hours berthed.

From Diário Notícias