Friday 12th November 2021 – 1230 hrs

The venue for the lunch is the Galley Lounge on the ground floor – same place new name – the event will be hosted from 12:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs, commencing at 12:30 hrs with Adegamãe sparkling wine or orange juice and dry snacks in the Piano Bar – those that remember the water feature now no longer exists.
Lunch will be served at 13:15 hrs and the menu is as under, which also includes White and Red Wine (Monsul, Douro) and semi-sweet three-year-old Madeira Wine at the cost of €37 per person. If you have any special dietary requests, I am sure they will be catered for as they have in the past:

Velvety roasted sweet red pepper soup with
Crispy traditional cured ham

Crispy pork belly with a cherry sauce,
Sweet potato rosti, spinach ragout,
Pickled cabbage, apple and beetroot

Fresh fruit tartlets
Coconut sorbet

Coffee or Tea
Homemade Biscuits

Contact Sue:
susan.marloye.james@gmail.com or 961 090 998 (M) 291 600 432 (H)

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