Three ships calling at the same time at the Port of Funchal

The three ships that were scheduled to arrive today at the Port of Funchal are already docked. The ‘Sea Cloud Spirit’, the ‘Bolette’ and the ‘Club Med 2’ arrived practically at the same time, one after the other, being routed to the berthing areas.

The first to arrive at the port of Funchal was precisely the smallest, with the appearance of a sailboat and its three large masts. The ‘Sea Cloud Spirit’, from the company Sea Cloud Cruises, has a capacity for 136 passengers and 85 crew. It comes from La Palma and was moored by the Molhe. It doesn’t leave until 6 pm tomorrow.

Then the ‘Bolette’ arrived, precisely the largest of the three in port today, and was moored at the tip of Pontinha. The Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines ship has a capacity for 1,380 passengers and 647 crew. It also came from La Palma, which, with the erupting volcano, gained new tourist attraction, and still leaves today at 6 pm towards Dover, the British port closest to the French coast.

Finally, the ‘Club Med 2’, from the Club Med company, arrived, which is a beautiful five-masted ship that makes a difference precisely in this chapter. It has a capacity for 386 passengers and 214 crew. It was moored at the north pier, next to the recently inaugurated station. It leaves this evening, at 10 pm, bound for Porto Santo, where it should arrive, without haste, tomorrow, at 7 am.

From Diário Notícias

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