‘Ventura’ is the first giant in the Port of Funchal in a year and a half

With a capacity for almost 3,600 passengers, over 288 meters in length and 116,017 gross tonnage, the cruise ship ‘Ventura’ docked this morning at the Port of Funchal, thus becoming the largest of all ships that have called to Madeira in the last year and a half.

Since the pandemic led to the closure of ports and borders, passing through the long period in which the cruise industry was practically paralyzed, without ceasing to count, despite already reopened to stopovers, the time that the Port of Funchal did not count for routes of the ships that, for example, the Canary Islands had for months, effectively the ‘Ventura’, as well as the ‘The World’, the ‘Amera’ and the ‘World Navigator’, reveal the long-awaited change of scenery.

In more than 13 years at sea, the ‘Ventura’ has passed through Madeira several times, and this time, contrary to what was usual in recent years, it did not come with full capacity, but almost (between 3,192 and 3,597 passengers), it arrived at Funchal at 7:00 from Vigo and leaves at the end of the afternoon (18:00), apparently, to La Palma.

According to information on the APRAM website, this cruise ship will go to the island that for 18 days has been the center of attention due to the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

From Diário Notícias

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