Antigen Covid Testing

It has not been easy to schedule antigen tests in the Region as, in some cases, there are no vacancies, queues are permanent and pharmacies only accept appointments for the next week and in others there is no delay. And suddenly everything gets complicated for those who have frequent social engagements and a busy life. Having to do tests every 48 hours – because some require it – is work.

The uproar is not greater because several companies bet on the comfort of their employees and customers and many promoters of events guaranteed test at the door.

Those who dictated the rules cannot be surprised by the critical reports and the finding expressed in our survey placed on the digital platform.

Poll by Diario Notícias

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Has antigen testing been easy since the regional government announced new pandemic control measures?

Yes, everything is well organized 19 %
No, chaos is installed 49 %
No, the lines are huge 28 %
Yes, but the proof takes time 4 %
Survey Results

A large majority detect anomalies in a millionaire system for those who entered the healthcare business and which has only one collective merit: diagnosing more cases each day. So it’s no wonder that more than 100 have appeared yesterday.

Strange is the rate of death by covid, in a double dose, several days in a row, always with associated comorbidities. Is it just a coincidence? Were they vaccinated? Are there common features in the diagnoses performed?

From Diário Notícias

At the moment the tests are not free for tourists and even semi residents.  I have many friends living here, or have properties here and come and go, and if they don’t have a utente number they will not get a free test, so are refusing to have it done, and totally agree with them.

It looks like the pop up tents are letting visitors have a free test, but I think this could also be hit and miss.

Also residents are only entitled to one free test a week, where if they want another one within 7 days they are asked to pág, as one resident has already tried this and was told they can’t get one till after 7 days.

So still many problems with the testing, and many people will refuse.

The next days will be interesting, and we will get an idea of how many places will check for both vaccine and test.