Albuquerque questions Marcelo e Costa about prices charged by TAP in Madeira

The president of the Madeira Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, questioned the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the prime minister, António Costa, today about the prices charged by TAP, which he called “little shame”.

“How is it possible that we are witnessing, in 2021, prices being charged on a regular 900-mile air transport line of 1,083 euros? Is this how national tourism is promoted? mobility within national territory?”, highlighted Miguel Albuquerque, during his intervention in the parliamentary days of the PSD/CDS-PP majority on the regional budget for the next year.

“What’s going on? No one is responsible for anything? What does the President of the Republic have to say about this? What does the Prime Minister who is still in office have to say about this little -shame?”, insisted the head of the regional executive in the session that took place in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

The president of the Madeiran Government, of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition, criticized that TAP, “nationalized by the communists and by this disgraced socialist government” practices “passage values ​​in excess of 1,083 euros” for Madeira, accusing the National Aviation Authority Civil and competition authority do nothing “to end this little shame”.

In an intervention marked above all by criticism of the central government, Albuquerque said he hoped that the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic “would result in the installation of a political alternative for Portugal to resume a new cycle of economic growth, bringing its income closer to its partners and of reversing this degradation and this Venezuelanization of the regime”.

“I would also like to draw attention to a reality that is patent and evident for six years. This terrible government of the Socialist Party had and continues to have a hysterical, schizophrenic obsession with Madeira in the sense of introducing all measures to harm the Madeirans”, he considered.

Albuquerque gave as an example the PS’s request in the Assembly of the Republic “to withdraw from the agenda a diploma authorizing that companies that wanted to be headquartered at the Madeira International Business Center could do so as of January of the next year”.

“In other words, without any foundation and without any political justification, other than penalizing the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the country, this was prevented from happening again, harming Madeirans once again in their income. and, obviously, the economic dynamics of our country and our region”, he lamented.

Miguel Albuquerque also underlined that Madeira has “a set of problems to solve” that can only be overcome with “good parliamentary representation within the Assembly of the Republic”.

“It is essential that the political forces that defend Madeirans, autonomy, the integral development of Madeira, are strengthened and have strength with the national authorities”, stressed the leader of the regional PSD.

The legislative elections, brought forward following the lead of the State Budget to 2022 and the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic, are scheduled for January 30th.

From Diário Notícias