Four cases of covid-19 in the Madeira Cerebral Palsy Association

Four positive cases of covid-19 were identified in recent days at the home of the Madeira Cerebral Palsy Association (APCM), a unit that operates in Pico Funcho.

At issue is the infection of three employees and one patient. All situations are already properly isolated.

According to a member of the board of that institution, there are three other collaborators in prophylactic isolation, a situation that does not compromise the provision of care to users, a population that has many limitations.

As a result of this situation, visits to users hospitalized there were suspended until the 24th of November, and periodic tests have been carried out, both to employees and residents since last Thursday. This week two more screening actions are planned.

For now, the normal functioning of the Occupational Activities Center (CAO) is maintained, which since last year has been operating independently with regard to the staff.

From Diário Notícias


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